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twain driver terminal server

Dec 29, 2009  Using scanners in Windows Server 2008 R2 with TWAIN drivers might require the installation of Desktop Experience Pack. Updated: December 29, 2009.

twain driver terminal server

Twain driver for TS Hi, I have a Terminal server W2003 environnement and i need a help for a twain driver for network scanners. I installed the specific. I ll cover.

Remote Desktop Twain connects local scanner via RDP Connect local scanner to remote desktop. Use your local scanner when you connected via Remote Desktop.

What you will see

Unable to scan in a Terminal Services environment.

Article Contents

NOTE: Make sure your Lexmark MFP supports local and network TWAIN before reading or attempting any of the suggested remedies found within this article.  

Terminal Server Modes

Before suggesting a remedy, it is important to know what terminal service mode is being utilized in your workplace:

Remote Administration Mode

Remote Administration mode is equivalent to Remote Desktop Connection and, as its name implies, is for servers administering from a different physical location.

Application Server mode

Application Server mode serves applications to users from a central server.

Click here for more information for Microsoft s white paper about terminal service modes. 

Why does scanning fail.

First, in Application Server mode, each user gets their own copy of the Windows directory, by default C: Documents and Settings UserName Windows.

NOTE:  The TWAIN Data Source Manager DSM and the vendor-supplied TWAIN data sources are typically installed in the : Windows directory and not the above-mentioned user directory

Scan failure decision table




Your TWAIN application is Terminal server-aware

the application will know to look in the user s Windows directory for the TWAIN DSM

user s UserName

You may still need to perform a redirect depending on your Terminal Server version. See Suggested Remedies below.

Your TWAIN application is not Terminal server-aware

the application will not know to look in the user s Windows directory

the TWAIN application will be unable to load the TWAIN DSM.

See both Suggested Remedies below.

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 Suggested Remedies

Try one or both of the following:

The TWAIN DSM twain_32.dll and DSM can be copied into the user s Windows directory.

To do this, copy : Windows twain_32.dll and the entire : Windows TWAIN directory into C: Documents and Settings UserName Windows, or equivalent directory. 

Redirection by performing a registry change that prevents the application/operating system from substituting the user s Windows directory for : Windows.

Registry change example: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Terminal Server Compatibility Applications Flags dword:00000408

Important. Lexmark is not responsible for assisting users with this procedure.

To help assist with this procedure, click here to see Microsoft s Knowledge Base article ID 186499; or click here for Citrix s Knowledge Base article ID 7767.

NOTE: The application flags must be combined with any previously exiting application flags, otherwise the old flags will be overwritten.

General Terminal Services Scan Support Table


Scanner Connection

Scan Method

Scan Permitted.

Local USB connection to the Terminal Services client PC


Yes. However, only Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 provides such a redirect feature for TWAIN drivers.

How does this work. The redirection component enumerates TWAIN drivers on the Terminal Services client PC, and makes those TWAIN drivers appear as if they are installed on the Terminal Services server.

When a scan is performed, the image is redirected from the client PC to the server.


No redirection exists for WIA scan drivers.

Local USB connection to the Terminal Services server PC.

No, this unlikely scenario is seldom considered because users will probably not be in the same physical location as the Terminal Services server PC.

Network connection of MFP.

Network TWAIN

A redirect feature is not required because the MFP can be accessed directly from both the Terminal Services client and server PCs.

Therefore, Lexmark s Network TWAIN solution is natively supported in most Terminal Services environments.

NOTE: The TWAIN driver must be installed on the Terminal Services server PC. 

Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 –If TWAIN redirection is enabled, the TWAIN driver must be installed on the client PC. Again, the TWAIN driver on the client will be redirected to the server.

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The option to select scanner or digital camera is grayed-out; i.e., indicating it is not operational. 

Click here for a Microsoft article that explains why Microsoft Office products may not support TWAIN devices in environments with multiple concurrent scanner connections and multiple users. 

Contacting Lexmark 

Please contact Lexmark if you need additional support assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your MFP machine/model type and serial number SN.

Please call from near a computer and printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one or all of these devices.

twain driver terminal server

RDP scanning in VDI, Terminal Server and other virtualized environments directly to any TWAIN or WIA compliant desktop scanner.

Serial Terminal Server twain driver terminal server

Download Twain Scanner Terminal Server at Twain Informer: Terminal Server Client, Microsoft Terminal Server Client for Windows 2000, Net2Printer RDP Client.

This document provides steps for troubleshooting the TWAIN redirection functionality with XenApp. not Terminal Services aware and look for Twain_32.dll in.