Lineage 2 God Patch

lineage 2 god patch

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Goddess of Destruction

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A new level cap, eight new character classes, dozens of new zones and raid bosses, revamped game systems and character progression, and hours of rich new game content.

Use the menu below and the navigation sidebar on the right to explore the many topics of the Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction patch notes.



Awakening Classes

Awakened Race Skills

Awakening Skill Replacement


Changes to Items

Crafting and Attribute Changes

Crystallization and Soul Crystals

Enchant System Improvements

Character Changes

Basic Stats and Mesmerize

Death Penalty

Clan Adjustments

Clan Academy

Clan Halls and Skills

Clan Wars

Classes and Skills

Sigel Knight

Tyrr Warrior

Othell Rogue

Yul Archer

Feoh Wizard

Wynn Summoner

Iss Enchanter

Aeore Healer

Awakening Mounts

Sublcass and Dual Class

Changes to Skills

Skill Enchanting


Character Creation Screen

Learn Skill Tab

Map Changes


Pet Window and More

System Menu and Option

New Areas


Other New Areas

Talking Island

New Items

Armor Properties and Set Effects

Auction House

New Item System

New Raid Boss Items

R-Grade and Higher Items

Olympiad and PvP


Olympiad Changes

PvP and Reputation

Parties, Vitality, and XP

Changes to Vitality and XP

Mentoring System

Newbie Experience

Party Replacement System



Changes to Quests

New Quests

Quest Zones

Removed Quests

Seven Signs

Revamped Areas

Sayune and Adventure Marks



Jun 01, 2012  New Video for Tauti 2BNArd 1. Download GameGuard patch: 2.

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These are the new Lindvior CT3 Lineage 2 skills beeing added, also here you ll find the skill changes and class changes. Awakening system changed,you may be awakening.

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle and The Chaotic Throne is a fantasy massively multiplayer computer role-playing game MMORPG and sequel to Lineage.