Gf Fx 5200 Driver For Windows 7

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here-is-the driver for GF FX 5200 series-works with W7 32-bit

gf fx 5200 driver for windows 7 gf fx 5200 driver for windows 7

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Discussion in Drivers started by msaif, Feb 7, 2010.

hi everyone

if anyone has NVIDIA card of the series FX 5200 and doesn t know how to work it on

windows 7 32bit here is the way. I tried it successfully.

1. install the free driver from the link below:

it is about 33 MB of size.

2. run the install file.

3. after install is finished you ll be asked if you want to restart now, click yes.

4. after the restart adjust the resolution from the option Screen resolution that appears when make a right click on desktop. if you click Advanced settings on the same window you will notice that the adapter is now NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200.

untill this point the installation is finished but the aero isn t yet at work, do this to make it work:

1. go to control panel and choose: performance and information tools.

2. on the opened window we will see highlight with a text telling of the new device click Refresh when asked or Re-run the assessment from below the window.

the aero and 3d effects will be run and activated automatically.

On NIVIDA s page it says the driver is for windows vista but it works properly with windows 7.

I hope I made it clear and. . that s all I ve got.

enjoy your time everbody.

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the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware

i am running windows ultimate 32 bit


I can hack this for you to make it install without issue.

I need you to post 2 things.

1 In the extracted NVIDIA driver folder you have at C: NVIDIA - somewhere in there is a nv_disp.inf. Please zip that and attach to a post.

2 Open device manager. Right click on standard vga. Choose properties. Details tab. Change the dropdown to hardware ids. Copy/paste that info shown below to a post with the above attachment.

In my reply, you will get a modified. inf to replace over the exisiting one. Then I will also have precise instructions on how to install.

PCI VEN_1039 DEV_6300 SUBSYS_0A011019 REV_31

PCI VEN_1039 DEV_6300 SUBSYS_0A011019

PCI VEN_1039 DEV_6300 CC_030000

PCI VEN_1039 DEV_6300 CC_0300

is that all you need.

anything more just let me know..

thank you so much man..:beer:

The hardware id that you posted is for the SiS onboard graphics that would be even weaker than the NVIDIA card you have.

Here s what to do:

1 Shutdown the machine.

2 Boot to bios.

3 Disable the onboard vga setting and save usually f10 saves.

4 Power off the machine again.

5 Plug the monitor into the video card instead of the motherboard, like it is now.

6 Reboot to Windows and install the driver for 32 bit in the normal method:

if i put the video card in the monitor does not do anything..even it is plugged into the video card

it is like the computer does not recognize it. .

i cannot run the computer from start up with the card plugged in

and it my monitor isn t plugged into my card.. its is plugged into my motherboard

i do have a second monitor that is plugged into my card and it does nothing after i plug the card in when the computer is already on

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Go in the bios and set the initial display or similar wording to be AGP. Then proceed.

should the card be plugged in. plug it in after i turn my PC on

Yes. Turn off the pc. Plug in the card. Plug monitor into card. Go to bios and set initial display device to AGP. Save. Reboot to Windows and install the NVIDIA driver.

DON T plug in the card with power on the machine going. That would not be good at all.

well whenever i plug the card in and then the monitor, the monitor does not do anything that is the main problem

Try having a monitor plugged into the motherboard with the card also in.

Then go to bios and set AGP for the initial display. Save.

Turn off pc. Plug monitor into card instead now. Turn on pc and boot to Windows.

that doesn t work i have had a monitor plugged in both and nothing, had one plugged in one and nothing.. i did change the displays to AGP but it didn t make a difference the only way i can get my monitor to work is without the card plugged in at all

The card itself could be no good.

Anyhow, even though the card would be better than the onboard SiS graphics, it s not going to make a world of a difference in anything you do, performance-wise.

Very much recommend a completely new machine to run Windows 7.

ok i will just see if i can get a new card or something

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Hello TorrentG,

I follow your useful instructions to update the driver of the GeForce FX 5200.

The driver is installed - I can see it in the device manager but it is not running as the numeric signature is not recognised.

Can you help.

Thanks in advance

If it is showing in the device manager as installed well, then it is.

I have no idea what you mean about a numeric signature. Can you please explain your issue in greater and better detail.

32 or 64 bit.

If it is showing in the device manager as installed well, then it is.

Click to expand


It is a 32 bit version.

When you are in the device manager - properties of the graphical card - 2nd tab driver - 4th line I translate from the french : Numeric signature : non signed numerically

For me it is linked to the nv_disp file. I have 2 files : the one modified inf that I copy in the folder and helps me to install the driver - a second one from type catalog security I opened it and there is a lot of information concerning numerical certication.

Hope it is clearer.

That s not a problem. I have the same thing. Enjoy.

I d like to share your happiness ;-

But I get on the genera tab of the properties an error message that Windows stopped the devive error 43.

When I try to modified the display resolution, the device shown is default screen and in the advanced properties the nvidia graphic card is not displayed only generic.

Any idea.

Discussion in Drivers started by msaif, Feb 7, 2010.

I d like to share your happiness ;-


That means that the card can not communicate with the motherboard.

if you have a chipset of nForce3 or below, it can not work on Vista or 7. Then you have to use XP.

If you have a different chipset, it can work. Update the motherboard bios to newest and install the latest chipset drivers.

Which motherboard do you have. I can show you what to install or tell you if it can work at all.

The computer I try to update is an old but robust laptop dell inspiron 8600 - pentium M 1500 - 768 Mo RAM - from end 2003.

Where do I find the information on the nForce3 chipset. I searched in the device manager - in the details of the graphical card but I don t what exactly to serach.

Same question for the motherboard.

I updated the bios to the last known version as you requested.

Like the challenge.

Nvidia Geforce Fx Go 5200 issue


I have a similar problem. My system:

Tohshiba Satellite P25 Serie

Ram: 2GB

HDD: 250 GB

Processor: Intel Pentium 4,CPU 2.8 Ghz

32-bit, Windows 7 Ultimate

Graphic Card: Nvidia Geforce fx go 5200

I just installed the modified 96.85 driver downloaded from www.laptop2go and followed the instructions wrote by msaif in this forum. The resolution I got is the recommended by Microsoft, 1440 x 900 but aero has to be disabled in order the system doesn t crash.

My id hardware is:



PCI VEN_10DE DEV_0324 CC_030000

PCI VEN_10DE DEV_0324 CC_0300

and the moified file nv_disp.inf is attached.

Could you or someone else tell me how I can fix it.

thanks in advance for your reply.


I did everything you say here but Aero doesn t work properly. I mean, the screen resolution is the one recommended by Microsoft 1440x900 but Aero has to be disabled so that the system doesn t fail; however, from time to time the screen blinks.

My computer is a laptop Toshiba P25 series and the graphic card in Geforce Fx Go 5200.

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Thanks msaif, worked for me, Open GL, DirectX9, and Aero works.


Excellent workaround. Great directions.

Yes, this worked perfectly fine on my computer. For 2 days I been trying to find the drivers and you had it the whole time. For me it was a great success. Thank you very much.

msaif, Thanks a lot Man for your solution. IT Work Great 4 me. I have a Intel P4 at 3.4Ghz 478 , Abit IS7,2,5gb ram, and one Oldtimer video card Inno FX 5200, OS win Ultimate x 32, I hope can play old Half Life.

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